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This is the digital age. We all see awesome content on the internet. Photographers and filmmakers make this digital world more beautiful. If you are a beginner and want to join these photographers then you should check below top photography blogs for beginners.

How Photography blogs can help us?

  • These blogs have free guides to camera settings. Beginners always use auto mode in the camera. Auto mode is good for photography but a professional go for manual settings. Check this article about manual vs auto settings
  • Stay up to date about the new camera, gears and other techniques of photography.
  • Mobile photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography etc. are covered on photography websites.
  • More articles to learn shot composition, beginner tips, DIY photography etc.

Tip: Don’t follow all the blogs. Just select 2-3 blogs and follow them regularly. For instance, you want to learn camera settings first, choose blog related to it and follow. Master the settings yourself and move on to learn other photography technique.

There are many blogs to learn photography tips. However, we are covering only a few that we think is top blogs to learn photography.

1. Digital Photography School


Digital photography school is our first pick on this list. It is a beginner-friendly photography blog. You can learn about composition, portrait photography, landscapes photography on this photography blog. This site has a separate section for beginners. You can also learn post-processing techniques here.

This blog provides photography tutorials online. You should really follow the digital photography school. Their vast knowledge of photography help beginner photographer to learn more in-depth.

2. Sudhir Shivaram Photography


Sudhir Shivaram is recognized wildlife photographer not in India but all over the world. You can check his profile on this website.

His blog covers the camera setting tutorials, photography tutorials etc. but some of it is paid. I recommend search youtube for his tutorials. But if you can buy these courses, go for it. We tag this blog as best photography tutorials on the internet. You can use this blog for inspiration if you are into wildlife photography.

You can check his free blog articles here. He has covered photography tricks and tips in his blog post and some tour to inspire wildlife photographers.

3. DIY Photography

diy photography blog

We love DIY photography cause it has a DIY section. It helps beginner photographers to learn photography in a DIY way. You can find some pretty cool mobile photography techniques on this site.

In addition, DIY photography also provides tutorials on photography and some video tutorials too. Camera and gears reviews are done on this blog which is helpful to us.

4. Beginner Photography Podcast

photography blogs for beginner

This photography blog is not a complete tutorial package. It has some cool podcast about photography from expert photographers in the world. You can listen to the podcast and get inspiration for your work. I think especially beginner photographers must listen to these photography podcast.

However, you can check photography tips and tricks on this link of Beginner Photography Podcast.

5. iPhone Photography School Blog

iphone photography blogs

Absolute beginner photographer will love this website. iPhone photography school provide tutorials for iPhone. Some beginner might not have money to spend on fancy gears. No problem, this blog will help you sharpen your skill about photography.

In other words, the iPhone camera is pretty decent and this blog is making it cooler. You will learn about portrait photography, street photography, landscape photography, macro photography etc.

6. Peta Pixel

learn photography

Peta pixel is a famous website among photographers for its vast tutorials on photography. Tutorials on it cover almost all kind of photography and editing photo techniques.

You will find some good photoshop tutorials with some A-level effects. Lightroom tutorials for photo editing are also available on Peta pixel which can help beginner photographer. Peta pixel has one section called inspiration. You can read lots of inspiring stories of photographers and photography.

7. Expert Photography

photography for beginner

Expert photography contains beginner, intermediate and expert level photography tutorials and content. Therefore, we recommend that you must follow this website once you are pretty familiar with beginner photography and want to move one step ahead.

It has articles related to camera settings, compositions, photo editing and some creative lab content. They also have tutorials on lighting setup if you doing wedding photography. Similarly, studio photography, modelling photography.

Above all, these are the top photography blogs according to our research and use. Now we are going to list some youtube channels too. These youtube channels can also help beginner photographers to sharpen their skills.

  1. Pixel Village
  2. Manny Ortiz
  3. Chris Bray Photography
  4. Thomas Heaton
  6. The Art of Photography
  7. Bethany Kay

Above all, these youtube channels will definitely help you gain more knowledge on photography.

We’ll continue to update this post. In addition, we will add more photography blogs and youtube channels to learn photography.

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