How to Get Cinematic Look Quickly with Smartphone

iPhone Filmmaking

These days all the smartphones have a good camera with amazing 4K. All the smartphones can shoot decent quality of videos including iPhone and Android too. So we are going to give you tips and tricks on iPhone filmmaking. How we can make the quality better and use it for our short films.

Tip: iPhone Filmmaking tips can also be applied on Android Phone Filmmaking. You can any accessories listed here or it’s alternative and create cinematic content.

Which iPhone I need to use for iPhone Filmmaking

According to us, all the iPhones came after the iPhone 6 is great in camera quality. However, it’s not compulsory to use an iPhone to produce small cinematic video content. You can also use Android phones like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Mi Phones with a good camera. Above all, smartphones are capable of filmmaking.

We are using iPhone 6S. It has 4K video capability and 120 FPS for slow-motion too. Isn’t it great? iPhone SE is also the same in terms of camera quality. If you have the latest iPhones like X, XS etc. BOOM you have a great quality camera in your pocket.

There are some cons too of iPhone filmmaking. iPhones have a smaller sensor so if you are shooting at night, you won’t great picture quality. It will always produce too much noise and grain in the video. If you are using daylight, go for it.

Stabilize iPhone Video

Latest iPhones have inbuilt optical stabilization of camera. But we’ll consider external accessories to make the video more stable. You guys know about Tripod, Gorilla Pod, Mobile Gimbal. These all can be used to stabilize iPhone footage.

Mobile Gimbal
Gimbal for mobile is the best option to get cinematic steady footage in iPhone. These gimbals are 3-axis gimbal provides a steady shot even where you are moving. Check out youtube for more Mobile Gimbals. You can view reviews on the internet and get a gimbal to yourself.

iPhone Filmmaking Tips

We have two option right now in mind. First is DJI OSMO Mobile gimbal. You can choose either OSMO Mobile 2 or OSMO Mobile 3. Second is Zhiyun Smooth, Either go with Zhiyun Smooth 3 or Zhiyun Smooth 4. These gimbals are pretty awesome to create a steady shot and pretty much industry standards. You can grab these two gimbals under $100 by cracking deals.

It is not a stabilizer technically but if you are filming conversation or interview you can use it for stable shots.

iPhone Filmmaking tripod
Credit: Amazon

You must purchase a tripod with a mobile clip so that it can hold a smartphone too.

Again this is not stabilizer but if you hold Gorillapod correctly then you can give steady shots to yourself. Watch on youtube, there are tons of tutorials on Gorillapod to use as a stabilizer.

iPhone Filmmaking Tips
Credit: Amazon

DIY Solution:

Audio Tip on iPhone Filmmaking

Audio is the most important part of any cinematic video content. It is hard to add good quality sound with iPhones. Rode microphone provides an option to add a directional microphone into the iPhone. VideoMic Me is the directional microphone we can directly plug into an iPhone.

iPhone Filmmaking Tips
Credit: Amazon

Videomic Me has a headphone socket. You can monitor audio while recording. It is a great feature to have if you are creating short films and want to ensure audio quality.

There is more option for audio in iPhone Filmmaking. You can use lavalier mic too. Search more audio option and comment here. We’ll test it with the iPhone.

Tip: It is still somewhat not easy to get super quality sound inside the iPhone. We recommend the add background sound while editing footage. Try to correct or enhance sound quality in post-production.

Now we have iPhone, Stabilizer, Microphone to recording audio. After that, what else is remaining? Nothing? A Camera App?

Filmic Pro App For Filmmaking

iPhone camera app is awesome but we need manual camera app with some great functions to make video cinematic. In other words, Filmic Pro is a standard cinematic manual camera app with tons of feature.

Filmic Pro App Features

Filmic Pro gives you more control on your iPhone camera. You can lock focus on the screen by tapping square. Round control on screen is for exposure setting. We lock exposure by tapping on it. You can manually set exposure, focus, white balance, shutter speed and ISO.

iPhone Filmmaking Tips

We have different types of frames rates available in Filmic Pro. Therefore we can choose 24 FPS to 120 FPS. Filmic Pro provides cinematographers kit too. It contains various profiles likes Natural, Flat Profile, Log Profile etc. It shows histogram and shows audio levels on the screen while recording.


  • Always use manual settings for Filmic pro and 24 FPS for cinematic quality. Video quality must be on Filmic Extreme for getting more output from the iPhone camera. Filmic Pro is available in-app store. Similarly, it is available in the play store too for Android phones.
  • Try to shoot B-Roll too. Use the iPhone’s slow-motion capability and create a mind-blowing cinematic experience. For instance, 120 FPS is good enough to take nice slow-mo. Basic DSLR cameras in the market can only do 60 FPS.

We found a good tutorial on Youtube for Filmic Pro.

Now we have a complete kit for iPhone Filmmaking. We can shoot our scripts or ideas with it.

Tip: In conclusion, If you don’t have money to buy these gears then don’t worry. A human mind can find a solution to any problem in this world. Don’t pull back yourself due to lack of availability of gears. Find a DIY solution to every gear and let the creativity come out. At last, the Audience must be entertained.

Check Below Youtube video to learn about iPhone Filmmaking more. These videos will help you to boost your filmmaking ability. You may find more accessories associated with iPhone in these videos. But believe us you can achieve these kinds of cinematic video with your DIY solutions.

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