Best Free Video Editing Software 2019 for Mac and Windows

Free Video Editing Software

We always think of as indie filmmakers. We always need the best free things to accomplish the work. Therefore as beginner or indie, we don’t need to spend some extra bucks on editing software. So in this article, we have listed the best free video editing software for Mac and Window to get things done.

This list will be updated by us with time as new free video editor software will be introduced in the market.

These video editor software can handle most of the video editing work which can be completed by paid video editing software.

Our Most Favourite Free Video Editing Software?

After testing various packages and other free video editing software, we found these two on top of our list.

Let’s review from top to bottom these two and our other free video editing software.

1. HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express is top in our list of best video editing software. It is a balanced video editor. It is easy to use and performance is good. HitFilm website also contains video tutorials to help you learn and increase creativity.

Portal Combat (Film Riot), Westworld to Yuma (Film Riot), Halo Jump is created with Hitfilm Express.

Rich Timeline Editor.
Export performance is slow.
Continue editing during export.
Some feature required to purchase.
Rich Export Features.To download you have to shout out on social media about HitFilm.
Playback options enhance editing speed.
Comparable Features to it's Pro Version.

HitFilm Express is available for both Mac and Windows systems. It has some pro features which is taken from HitFilm Pro. This software can run on many of the computers post-2013. HitFilm is solid for video editing software on this level of category. We’ll definitely do a detailed review of HitFilm Express in near future.

2. Apple iMovie

We tag this video editing software as best for mac users. Apple iMovie is free for Mac. It has some pretty simple timeline with easy options like cutting audio, video.

Very Simple Interface with easy timeline options.Output controls are less.
Themes and Trailers look is professional.Multicam edit not available. Motion tracking no support.
Share project across all devices. You can edit movie in iPAD, iPhone and Mac.
Support 4K

iMovie is best when it comes to Mac user. This is software is cool for beginner filmmakers as it has a pretty simple interface with easy options. We really love the 4K option. But in terms of output control, iMovie lacks here.

3. DaVinci Resolve

We can’t say this software is for beginners because of Davinci Resolve come with a learning curve which will be like by intermediate filmmakers. Beginners have to learn in-depth. The latest version of this free video editor for enthusiasts integrates visual effects and motion graphics.

DaVinci Resolve has may good features like high-end video-production modules for editing, colour correction, audio production, and video effects and motion graphics. It was built for commercial filmmakers but its free version is for the advanced amateur filmmakers.

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.Need a good graphics with high end CPU.
Free with no limits or attribution.Advance feature require more learning.
Easy for routine functions in editing.
Good for color correction and audio processing.

Some people refer it as Hollywood-grade video editor. The studio version of DaVinci Resolve is paid but you can get a free version of it with fewer features than the paid version.

We’ll continue to update this list as we test other free video editor software. Till then comment on what is your favourite video editor and why?

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