Best Short Films On Youtube in Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Drama Genre

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Watching short films can help you learn more about filmmaking, narrative and concept creation techniques. More you watch best short films the more you will learn about making a movie.

Most of these short movies are made with different story and concept that makes the audience stunned. Watching them can inspire you to be a better filmmaker in a genre. These short movies are listed based on our feelings. You might like these short or maybe not but these will surely help to give you a direction in your life.

Here we are listing some award winning short films in various genres.

1. The Circle

A father and son story. Father is a painter and reunites with his son. He is trying to rebond with his son. The story followed by drawing a perfect circle with a paintbrush in one stroke.

Length: 13 Min
Sheldon Schwartz

Watch the Behind the Scenes here for reference:

2. One-Minute Time Machine

One of our favourite short movie. Just with one concept and two actors you can tell a super story having comedy, romance and sci-fi pinch.

This short film is about one guy try to crack conversation with a beautiful girl. Every time he makes a mistake, switch time machine to go back and start again.

Length: 5 Min
Comedy, Romance with Sci-Fi
Devon Avery

3. The Smiling Man

This film is about a little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil who had already killed her mother.

Length: 6 Min
A.J. Briones

4. Alone

This short is the winner of the Halifax Film Festival awards for best cinematography and best sound design. This film gives you an inside look at what the main man left alive does on an everyday premise, what he does to endure, kill time, and keep himself rational.

Length: 6 Min
Brock Torunski


We really like action and sci-fi short films and BALLiSTIC is one of them. It is about a girl in a post-apocalyptic world, who fights for survival as she recalls her childhood events.

It is worth to watch Ryan Connolly‘s short films from his youtube channel FilmRiot. I like his narrative style of sci-fi and action together. Watch his other movies on his youtube channel.

Length: 17 Min
Action, Sci-Fi
Ryan Connolly

Watch behind the scenes and get inspiration from it:

6. FTL

This short sci-fi story is about an astronaut who is going to test the first spaceship that is faster than light speed.

FTL means faster than light. FTL is created by DUST youtube channel.

Length: 14 Min
Action, Sci-Fi
Adam Stern

7. Piper

Piper is created by Disney, Pixar studios. The story tells about a mother bird who is trying to teach her child bird that how to find food to survive. There is a little traumatic twist. However, this our most favourite animated short film.

Length: 3 Min
Alan Barillaro

8. Ahalya

It is an Indian short movie. It is not available in English but you can watch it with subtitles on youtube. Subtitles are already included.

The basic story behind Ahalya is that a police officer is searching for the missing person and meet an artist & his wife. He found something strange statue if the house.

Length: 14 Min
Genre: Suspense
Sujoy Ghosh

There are tons of short films are available on Youtube, Vimeo or elsewhere. We can’t cover all. Stay tuned with us and we’ll update the list with time.

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