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We’ll describe what is Film production? Then we’ll continue with stages of Film production in filmmaking and more inner phases of it.

Basically, a film production process is the phases required to complete video content or media product(Film). In more simple words implementing a film idea to its final master copy.

The production process can be applied to any kind of media production including film, video, television or song recording. It can be varied according to content like audio don’t require storyboarding however general concept will work in any medium.

Now we know that what is a production process so move on to next head that is the stages of it.

Film Production Process Flow Chart

This is a quick chart for the film production process. This chart covers film production basics.

film production process flow chart, 3 stages of filmmaking
Film production process flow chart

The production process has 3 phases i.e.

1. Pre-Production

This is the phase of planning and preparation for the idea of a film. Pre-production sub-stages depend on the size and budget of the media company to be spent on the idea. We’ll list basic sub-stages of pre-production is common to all.

First, an idea got documented in this stage and Big Production Studio starts hiring key people like directors, main actors, other cast and crew. Deciding shoot location is also a major part for feature films.

Small media company meets client, research on the idea, storyboard it and decide location etc in pre-production stages. Below are some pre production steps.

  • Search Locations
  • Set Construction
  • Scripting & Storyboard
  • Script finalizing, Read through actors and cast.
  • Prepare Props, Wardrobe

Let’s move to the next stage.

2. Production

Production is the stage where the actual shooting happens. In this phase director and cinematographer start blocking scenes with actors, other cast and crew members. Lighting scene with the proper type of lights is done by cinematographers.

Rehearsals for shooting and blocking starts in production. When all the things are good real shoot starts. Director starts checking storyboard, giving instructions to assistant directors, actors and other crew.

production, lighting scene
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Sometimes in the production process script required to be changed in accordance with creative shots. The production also contains music, song recording in studios.

3. Post-Production

Now we have recorded our film in the camera, It’s time to edit it. Some filmmaker guys say that post-production is the place where the real magic happens.

post-production, editing video
Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

Post-production is the final major production process. It is simply referred to as ‘post‘. You might have listened like ‘we’ll fix it in the post.

There are many tasks that can be happened in the post like

  • Editing Video Footage, Add Titles and Graphics
  • Editing Music, Songs, Sound Effects etc.
  • Adding VFX to Footage.
  • Reshoot some scenes if required.
  • Exporting Master Copy of Film

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Big Hollywood films like Avengers, Avatar take much more time in post-production cause these films have most advanced VFX and graphics. This process takes times.

But for small media companies or indie filmmakers post is just all about editing footage or placing it in a sequence manner. It’s all depends on the type of film we are making.

Above all 3 stages are the major phases of a production process. In addition, there are more stages which are not major but play an important role in the production process.

  • Financing: Budget is important for the film so that we require financing movie. In this stage, we search for either an investor or a production house with money.
  • Screenplay: Before scripting, stage production studio works on the idea with the screenplay. It develope characters and all other creative terms which are later converted to script.
  • Distribution: Delivering the content to the audience. The film is ready now let’s entertain the audience with our good piece of work and of course get money. Distribution stage contains selling rights, distributing content to movie theatres. Some big movie distributors are 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures etc.

So above film production process steps are required to create a film from start to end. Did we miss something important stages of production in the filmmaking process? Comment and let us know.

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